Pioneers in recycling

The history of recycling at Freudenberg Performance Materials dates back to the 1990s. Today, we convert an estimated seven million post-consumer PET bottles into polyester nonwovens every day. In fact, the majority of our nonwovens are produced using recycled polyester.


From bottle to roof – PET bottles as precious raw materials

Our production process starts with the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles, which are selected, washed and reduced to flakes. The flakes are then transformed into fiber (staple technology) or used directly in the spinning process (spunbond technology) to manufacture recycled polyester nonwovens.

Recycling PET bottles means that we can replace virgin raw materials with recycled polyester of the same quality, enabling us to save natural resources. Eliminating the energy consumption linked to the production of virgin polyester means fewer CO2 emissions, less waste and reduced emissions into water.

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