When it comes to the production of substrates for waterproof temperature resistant bitumen membranes we show with our Terbond and Texbond solutions true championship qualities The base material we use is obtained from recycled PET bottles One striking example of our expertise is the extraordinary roof structure of the stadium that is home to Italian soccer giants Juventus Our high performance acoustic nonwoven SoundTex material sets standards in optimum speech intelligibility and noise attenuation in modern buildings As a global leader in high quality backings we offer products for a wide range of customized ecofriendly applications providing excellent thermal properties and dimensional stability Our 100 polyester nonwovens serve as the main carrier of tufted flooring used in a variety of businesses from commercial and governmental offices to healthcare and educational institutions as well as hospitality and retail industries We are also experts in energy efficiency Whether for reinforce ment insulating layers sunscreens or light filters in carpets our innovative materials are universally applicable in interiors or on facades and are always easy to work with All of which make them world leaders YOUR ECOLOGICAL CONSTRUCTION OPTIMIZER FREUDENBERG PERFORMANCE MATERIALS FOR BUILDINGS BUILDING MATERIALS 4

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