YOUR SOLUTIONS EXPERTS FREUDENBERG PERFORMANCE MATERIALS With more than 3 800 employees at over 20 production sites in 14 countries Freudenberg Performance Materials is a leading global manufacturer of technical textiles for a wide range of applications Our aim is to be a pioneer in the technological development of innovative materials and new production processes To achieve this goal we rely on the experience of our global experts in providing our international customers with tailored solutions that add real value TECHNICAL SPECIALTIES Highly demanding product areas are our specialty Among other benefits our innovative nonwovens give structure to cables and provide protection against water penetration SHOE COMPONENTS Shoes are emotion We deliver high tech functional materials that ensure feelgood comfort whatever the style APPAREL You produce inspiring fashion we provide the appropriate and innovative interlinings to go with it Across the globe in our customary quality for all applications HYGIENE With this high tech material we ensure daily comfort and safety for babies and people of all ages modern diapers that meet all requirements AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORS Our automotive expertise makes driving climate friendly and cost effective Weight reduced nonwoven carpeting is just one of the ways we achieve this FILTRATION Our high tech filtration media save lives In hospital air filters for example they ensure absolutely sterile air in operating rooms MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Proven millions of times every day our nonwovens are a core component in medical applications whether for traditional or advanced wound care BUILDING MATERIALS Our high performance nonwovens are used as reinforcement for bituminous membranes for the waterproofing of roofs They also serve as primary backings for carpet tiles and walk off mats

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